Sunday, 9 December 2012

Joomla Customization - Joomla Component Development Services

Joomla development is not a negligible task, because any Joomla customization outsourcing service is very well aware that the PHP app framework in Joomla pretty big. It requires time to get familiar with such a big framework.

This is totally applied to other frameworks like Drupal also. However, the major benefits of Joomla development services are clear structure of Joomla framework & large community of developers working on Joomla. The structured framework of Joomla raises the capabilities of PHP to a large object oriented programming language through the utilization of MVC and Designs Patterns concept.

Effects of Joomla Components

The particular naming schemes of Joomla are in all types of Joomla component development. Every component in Joomla framework acquires an individual and unique name, without any spaces. The component code is separated and divided into 2 folders, with component names prefixed by com_, known as reviews. With the advice of Joomla you can make potent joomla component development & Joomla CMS without the knowledge of joomla extensions development scripts and customization.

In Joomla component development , 2 folders with names having Com-reviews are developed. One folder is developed for front end apps and the other folder is the moderator folder, meant for controlling back end apps.

To make the components more helpful, other codes should be registered. Same procedures would be followed for the back end apps. Still, it is vital to keep the code empowering of the back end portion away from the code of the front end portion.

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