Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Concentrating on User Experience in Web Design Company

Though various websites have beautiful designs these days, many of them don't concentrate on users experience. It is very vital to keep in mind that a customer get into your website to get the job done, whether he/she is reading a post, looking at the photos, buying a product or using a service.

Here are few vital aspects that your site require to incorporate in its design.

Target audience
               It is very much vital to be aware of who are your targeted audience. Are they elder people, younger people, businessmen, technical people? This will tell how your website looks. For example, if your website is provided to senior citizens, it should have bigger fonts & few elements on the page. It will have big buttons, so people can easily click, without any effort. If targeted audience are younger ones, a web design company designer adds many elements to the pages. And, if the targeted audience users are technical, they probably are aware of how to direct your website pretty well.

           Your website design company ( ) must be unchanged throughout. You don’t need to develop different experiences on different pages. For example, if the color theme on the main page differs from other pages, then it confuses the internet user. They may think that they have come to some other website. Whether it is your color theme, your direction bar and even the fonts you use, keep everything the same throughout the website.
A hire web developer and web designer can add more variety to your website. For example, you may make use of various fonts for headlines, content & for quotes. At the end, the user should feel under control of their experience & not be overwhelmed by it.

Content – front and center
                         The major aim of your website is a post & picture gallery. Does it provide services and sell the products. The major aim of your website is, it must be obvious to the user when he/she lands on to your site. For an example, if its a blog post, it must appear on top half of the page & on the center. In-case of a picture gallery, show albums & photos and then place other direction links aside or on top and bottom. Concentrate on creating the process of visibility and surfing through photos making the task simple for the visitors.

Let it be in mind that the simpler the website to use, the more will the visit be & the business. If you require a good idea of user concentrated on website designing company, take a look at the famous websites in the world. Consider Google for an example: Its main job is to provide response to people queries. Once when your on their page, you can begin entering the right away, without clicking anywhere. Google includes its important thing at the center of the page & dismisses other links either to top or to the bottom.

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