Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Joomla Website Optimization

Its very decisive to talk about the speed at Which a website gets loaded completely. Since things like modules, plugins, extensions and components which are used as part of Joomla website maintenance services, so the website Increases and at the same time the loading speed of the website becomes low. It is good to submit sites which are fast downloading and quick in search engines.

How to Improve Joomla website

1] Structure Optimization
The pioneer thing that should be concentrated is improving time of the website. And that includes - the HTML code, the URL structure, title, and the meta tags.

The general issues faced in poorly optimized website is navigation system, which is not visible to the search engines. It is good if plain HTML or CSS based navigation system is provided in the website. Furthermore, search engines always look out for clean urls. Some things That should be considered are

- Title tag, Meta description tags and keywords Should Have pioneer phrases.
- The Title tag should be only up to 60-80 characters & Meta tags up to 200 characters at the max.
- The most meaningful thing is Meta and Title tags which is needed in all the websites.
- At the least two or more Paragraphs in a webpage should be appropriate and fresh.
- The main index page of the website should consist single and attractive content with Primary keywords and phrases.

Our Joomla web development company, web programmers are well experienced in the field of Structure optimization, and they also ensure that the website content has the originality and significant sentences.

2] Image Optimization
Image optimization plays a significant role in website attraction and eye catching, the pictures should be used appropriately so that it doesn't affects the speed of the website. The biggest fault is that users try when they re-size an image in a text editor Itself. This depicts the wrong way of inset images, and this may affect the speed of the website. Our Joomla Website design Company are best in re-sizing the images, and they will also make sure the image doesn't give a blur look, instead give an attractive look.

3] Joomla Cache
Before introducing a Joomla based website, it requires check weather Joomla Cache is installed and currently active. This aids to optimize the speed of the site. It should be checked that the caching plugin is activated by going in the Plug-in controller. Another thing is to analyse the order of the plug-ins.

Many are there things are there before making a Joomla website live.

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