Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What Is a Joomla! Template?

A Joomla Template could be a series of files among the Joomla CMS that management the presentation of content. A Joomla template developer isn't a web site; it’s additionally not thought-about a whole website style. A Template is that the basic foundational style for viewing a Joomla web site. to supply the impact of a “complete” web site, the Template works hand-in-hand with content keep in Joomla databases.

The Template is titled so once your content is inserted, it mechanically inherits the designs from style-sheets defined within the Template, like link designs, menus, navigation, text size, and colors, to call some.

Using a Template for a CMS, as Joomla will, encompasses a range of advantages:

Joomla will all the work of putting content among pages. you'll be able to add new info to existing journal pages just by writing a replacement article. The Template and its CSS certify it seems stylistically per different content on the positioning.

There is a whole separation of content and presentation, particularly once CSS is employed for layout (as against having tables within the index.php file). this can be one in all the most criteria for determinant whether or not a website meets trendy internet standards. in a very standards-compliant website, the hypertext markup language tags for tables area unit reserved for presenting tabular information and not giving birth out a page into columns.

You can apply a replacement Joomla template developer, and thus a totally trend to an internet site, instantly. this may involve completely different locations for positioning content and modules, further as colours and graphics.

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